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You really need to pay attention.

There is something fundamentally wrong with having gasoline within inches of heat and an open flame.

Apply common sense and only use the appliance as intended.

  • 1. THINK safety.
  • 2. Follow instructions and warnings to avoid possible injury or property damage.
  • 3. Provide ample ventilation for persons and fuel burning appliances occupying the same enclosed area.
  • 4. Never alter an appliance, use a fuel not intended for the specific use or use any part not expressly approved by Coleman.
  • 5. Use the same care with camping fuel as you would with gasoline.
  • 6. Store fuel in a clean, properly marked metal container away from flame, sources of ignition, or excessive heat.
  • 7. Keep fuel, flame and appliances out of the reach of children.
  • 8. Never repair or use a tank/fount that has been repaired or has a structural defect. Using POR15 is a big no no.
  • 9. Never unscrew the fuel cap while the appliance is burning or is too hot to touch.
  • 10. Never place fuel containers near an appliance that is burning or too hot to touch.
  • 11. Always have an approved fire extinguisher within arm's reach and know exactly where it is.
  • 12. Do Not run a lamp or lantern with a hole in the mantle(s).
  • 13. Tilt the lamp/lantern or stove tank with the filler cap "up" when de-pressurizing. This will cause air to be released, not fuel.
  • 14. Ensure that your appliance does not have any leaks before you attempt to light it.
  • 15. Use the new 1-piece fuel caps when operating an appliance; 3-piece caps should only be used for display.

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