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Operation and Maintainance for Lanterns and Stove

The following "how-to" pages are my way of performing these tasks. They are by not only way, and they may conflict slightly with factory instructions. Consider them a starting point as you fine-tune your own way of "care and feeding."

The only real user maintenance issue deals with fuel. Gasoline (to include "camping" fuel) oxidizes over time and creates a number of unwanted compounds, the worst of which we commonly refer to as gum or varnish. After just a short time you may notice a "sour" smell to the gasoline. The parts of the lantern or stove that are submerged in this fuel can become coated with varnish and, over time, become unusable.

Please remember that gasoline must be used, or recycled. Please contact your city or county government to locate an authorized recycle facility.

If you are done with the lantern or stove for the year, or will not be using it for a few months, I recommend you drain the fuel and allow the fount/tank to air dry for a day or two with the filler cap off. Then re-install the cap very lightly and put into storage.

If you are looking to have a lantern around as emergency lighting there are a couple of things you should do. First, store the lantern in a cool place as heat will accelerate the evaporation and oxidation processes. Regularly (every few weeks or so) handle the lantern so to "stir up" the fuel. And if you live in a very high humidity area you can use a little isopropyl alchol or fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from going bad. Even then, I recommend you replace the fuel every six months or so to keep things clean and ready.

Click the appropriate link below to learn (or re-learn in many cases) how to light and safely use a Coleman® lantern or stove. Please review the safety page if you haven't already done so.


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How to operate a lantern

How to operate a stove

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