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Rebuilding a Vintage Coleman® Lantern or Stove

First thing--we don't want to get anyone hurt. If you are not mechanically inclined or are in anyway uncomfortable with tinkering with a gasoline lantern or stove please do not attempt these repairs. If you need someone to rebuild your lantern please visit coleman.com for the repair center nearest you.

I developed these procedures over the course of many years rebuilding my own and customer's lanterns. There may be different and/or better ways to do some things but they should work pretty well for experienced and first-time rebuilders alike.

Please be careful if you attempt repairs on a lantern or stove. It is dangerous having gasoline within inches of a very hot flame so everything you do has to be correct to be safe. Respect that and perform each and every task safely.

By proceeding you agree not to hold the author, advertisers or any affiliates of the author responsible for any damage or injury.
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