Welcome to the original Old Town Coleman Center Virtual Museum

This is how the Old Town Coleman Center website looked when it was still new in 2005. If it looks antiquated, that is because the webpages were build from scratch without the aid of an HTML editor. The graphics are small because in those days I was concerned that they would load too slow on dial-up internet connections. A fun piece of history to look at...

A special thanks to photo contributors as there have been many. You will find credit for the owner with their photos.

If you have an item that is not shown here we'd love to add it to the virtual museum. Please email a close-up photo against a solid background to info@oldtowncoleman.com. Please include your name and the make/model for reference.

PLEASE NOTE: The images contained in the museum pages are either the property of the Old Town Coleman Center or are being displayed here with permission from the owner. If you would like to use any of the pictures, please ask first.

A Little Piece of History

Coleman Single Mantle Lanterns

When you Think of Coleman...

Coleman Double Mantle Lanterns

The Old School

Vintage Coleman Lanterns

How do you like your venison?

Coleman Camp Stoves

Middle Kitchen Drawer

Irons & weird stuff

Moosehead or Molson?

Canadian Coleman

Warm away from the campfire

Coleman Heaters

One-Lung Wonders

Coleman Stoves and Burners

Coleman & Friends Go to War

With all due respect...

Stuff from other Manufacturers

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