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How to Replace a ColemanĀ® Lantern Generator



Remove the Generator:

1. Ensure that the lantern is cool, fully depressurized and with the fuel filler cap on tight.

2. Remove the ventilator and globe.

3. Rotate the tip cleaner stem, if your lantern has one, to the "up" position:

-Most vintage lanterns have a tip cleaner stem that you manually rotate. If you have one, turn it so that the end (or loop) points up.

-Newer lanterns (approx. late 1970s to current) use the rotation of the main fuel valve to manipulate their tip cleaners. If you have one of these lanterns, simply open the main fuel valve about halfway.

If you have a single mantle lantern with a good mantle and you want to reuse it, the entire frame assembly with mantle can be removed. Just remove the 7/16" nut at the bottom of the frame and carefully lift the entire assembly up and out of the way.

4. The large nut at the base of the generator is the generator jamb nut and you need to loosen it in order to remove the generator. The wrench size for the jamb nut depends on the lantern model.

5. Lift the jamb nut up about an inch and grab the generator tube below it. Lift the tube until you can see what is under it. If it is difficult to move, spin it in your fingers while lifting.

6. Locate the tip cleaner rod and the eccentric block under the generator. Pull the tip cleaner rod away from the eccentric block to release it. Now pull the entire generator down and away from the lantern.

Install the Generator:

1. Open the packaging on your new generator. Use caution to ensure that the pieces don't fall out.

2. Hold the generator tube in one hand, slide the Tip Cleaner Rod out about an inch and hold it secure with your fingers. Slide the generator jamb nut over the top of the generator tube.

3. Insert the top of the generator tube into the hole in the lantern's air intake tube.

4. Insert the end of the tip cleaner rod into the eccentric block. Once this connection is made, rotate the tip cleaner stem to the "down" position. If you have a newer lantern, turn the fuel valve to the off position.

5. Gently lower the generator down on the tip cleaner assembly or fuel valve. If it doesn't go down easily, spin it in your fingers while lowering. Be very gentle as the tip cleaner needle is fragile and easily bent.

6. Thread the jamb nut on and snug it with your fingers. If you removed the frame on a single mantle lantern, reinstall it now. Tighten the jamb nut with the appropriate wrench.

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Never loosen the Fuel Filler Cap while the appliace is running, or is still hot.

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