Coleman® Model 234
Born in February, 1936

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Troubleshooting Lanterns & Stoves

Having a problem with your lantern or stove? Not sure what is wrong or where to start? These pages are designed to help you identify what has failed, explain how it should work and then provide help repairing it.

If you are not mechanically inclined or are not comfortable working on fueled appliances, I encourage you to send your lantern or stove back to Coleman® for repair. Click here for more information.

The burner of a lantern, or especially that of a "suitcase" stove, makes an exceptionally attractive home for insects. If you just purchased a vintage lantern or stove, or if you have one that you haven't touched in a number of years, I recommend starting with "How to Light an Old Coleman® Lantern" or "How to Light an Old Coleman® Stove". Not only do they explain how to light one, they tell you what precautions you should take before lighting.

The top four likely problems you will have with a stove or lantern:

The lantern or stove will not light.

The lantern or stove loses pressure soon after I pressurize it, or it will not burn for more than a few minutes.

The lantern or stove flames up badly when I try to light it.

The lantern or stove burns poorly, mainly yellow.

If you get stuck, you can send me an email to, or you can post your question on our Facebook page. Good luck!

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