Coleman® Model 200
Born in April, 1951

Store your Coleman® Lantern or Stove

You can save yourself a great deal of frustration by properly storing your Coleman® appliance.  The consequences for not doing so can include poor performance, or a complete failure.  Take a few extra minutes to put your lantern or stove away correctly.

Long-term storage.  If you do not plan on using the lantern or stove anytime soon, it is best to remove the fuel for storage.

Empty the fount or tank of all fuel. 

If you have a standard suitcase 2 or 3 burner stove, getting all of the fuel out can be difficult.  You can use a section of 1/8” plastic tubing (fish tank tubing) to siphon what you can’t pour out.

Leave the filler cap off the lantern or stove for a day or two and allow it to dry.  Then lightly re-install the filler cap and place in storage.

Storing for stand-by use.  You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark trying to fill in a lantern when the lights go. Storing one with fuel in it is often times a good idea. 

Use caution in where you store it, and don’t leave it pressurized.  When you put it away for just-in-case storage, de-pressurize and snug down the filler cap just enough to keep the fuel inside should it get knocked over. Over-tightening the filler cap will shorten its life.

Remember that your lantern is sitting there, and plan on “disturbing” it on occasion.  This means to shake it up and move the fuel around. All fuel has some water in it, as well as dirt and contaminates.  You don’t want this junk in one spot for too long as it may start the varnish or rust process.

Fire the lantern up every six months or so.  Not only will this clear any possible newly built insect nests from the air passages, it will also let you know that everything is okay.  The leather pump cup can dry out, as can the filler cap gasket.  Its best to identify problems before the lights go out.

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