Coleman® Model 500A
Born in May of 1954

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Coleman® Stove & Burner User Manuals

User's Manuals contain the manufacturer's safety, lighting, storage and care instructions.

If you don't have one for your appliance, you should be able to find a scan of it here. All manuals are in Adobe .pdf format and you are encouraged to print them off for future reference.

We are always looking to provide more manuals! If you have an old Coleman® User Manual that is not listed here and you'd be willing to share it with everyone, please make a high-resolution scan and send it to if you are willing to share.

Model Number
Also for:
Document Title
2E 9E Directions for Operating... Undated
9E 2E Directions for Operating... Undated
400   How to Use and Enjoy Courtesy David Lewis
413F   Directions for Operating... March 1964
413G   How to Use Your... October 1970
413G 425F, 426D How to Use and Enjoy... August 1979
414 424, 428 How to Use and Enjoy... Undated
424 414, 428 How to Use and Enjoy... Undated
424A   Instructions for Use... June 2006
425   Directions for Operating... Undated
425B   How to Operate... Undated
425C   Directions For Operating... January 1963
425E 413G, 426D How to Use and Enjoy... December 1976
Courtesy: Dan Lewis

425F 413G, 426D How to Use and Enjoy... August 1979
426D 413G, 425F How to Use and Enjoy... August 1979
428 414, 424 How to Use and Enjoy... Undated
442 Compact   Instructions for Use... November 2005
442A   How to Use Your... April 1963
500 Canada   Directions March 1962
502-700   How to Use and Enjoy... March 1972
502A   Instructions for Use... January 2006
520   Operating Directions for... April 1944
533   Instructions for Use... March 2008
533B   Instructions for Use May 2005

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Always inspect the stove before you use it, even if it was just yesterday.  Look for damp spots and test the function of each control.