Coleman® Model 500A
Born in May, 1954

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Never light a stove inside your home, cabin or tent. Do this outside and in an area where a defective part or "operator error" won't be disastrous.

How to Clean or Replace a Coleman® Stove Generator



Remove the Generator

1. Remove the tank from the stove case.

2. Set the tank down on your workbench. Grab the generator tube with pliers or vice grips and turn it counterclockwise to unscrew from the valve body.

If you are unable to hold the Tank down while trying to remove the Generator Tube, place it upside-down in your bench vise and grip it using the square top of the Valve.

3. When it comes free, pull it and the generator spring away from the valve, exposing the generator rod. Set the tube and spring aside.

4.  Grab the generator rod firmly with your pliers. Then rotate the valve wheel counterclockwise to unscrew the rod from the valve stem.

Caution!  The tip of the generator rod is very sharp.



Clean the Generator:

Vinegar (acetic acid) and salt will remove most of that black soot from your generator pieces.  Use a ratio of 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon salt and heat the mixture to near boiling. 

1. Completely submerge the parts and allow them to soak for an hour or more.  Rinse in warm water after soaking.

2. Clean the generator rod first. Grip it in one hand and use 0000 steel wool and pull towards the needle. Again, be very careful because that tip is sharp. Don't bend it.

3. Use a stiff brush on the tube and spring.  Use compressed air to blow out the generator tube and blow it out on both ends. The tip has a very small hole that must be cleared.

Install the Generator:

1. Open the packaging on your new generator and remove the generator rod.  Insert the threads into the valve stem and turn it clockwise to snug. Tighten 1/4 turn with pliers.  Do not over-tighten the Generator Rod.

2. Carefully insert the rod tip into the generator spring, then the generator tube. Slide the tube towards the tank. When the tube reaches the valve, turn it clockwise to install.

3. Turn the generator tube with pliers or vice grips and tighten.

You may need to re-tighten the gas tip and/or generator tube after you light the stove. If you notice a small flame at either end of the generator, simply tighten the union a little more.

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