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Coleman Lantern Safety

General Safety

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Potentially dangerous situations can arise when you least expect them. You need to pay attention well before you light it.

1. Think safety.

2. Where is your fire extinguisher???

3. Your activity will include fire and fuel. READ AND FOLLOW the safety precautions in the Owner's Manual that came with your appliance. If you don't have one, please look here.

4. Exercise extreme caution if you use the vintage 3-piece fuel filler cap with the small hole in the side. Their design was flawed and they are dangerous. I recommend you install a new 1-piece cap before attempting to light your appliance. The safety page for filler caps can be found here.

5. Always maintain proper ventilation. Appliances need oxygen and so do you.  If there isn’t enough to go around, you’ll lose.

6. Store fuel in an approved container and away from where you are using the appliances. If at home, store fuels inside a fire-proof cabinet or locker.

7. Never modify an appliance or use a fuel that it was not intended to burn.

8. Ensure your appliance is clean and functioning properly before you use it.

9. It is going to get really hot. Always allow it to cool before touching or re-fueling.

10. Protect those that cannot protect themselves. Keep appliances and fuels away from children and pets.

Stove Safety
Lantern Safety
Safety Data Sheets

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Two men pass in mid-air. The one going down says, "Do you know how to operate a parachute?" The man going up says, "No. Do you know how to light a Coleman stove?"